2021 Bathroom Design Inspiration

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Next up! If you need some bathroom inspiration for your 2021 project, check out these top trending ideas.
Depending whether you want your bathroom to be a relaxing space or an ultra practical area, Farringdon’s has some great ideas – designed to suit every taste!

  1. Multi-coloured, patterned stone
  2. Striking floor design
  3. Translucent materials like industrial mesh, coloured perspex or stained glass
  4. Rugged textures such as concrete
  5. Graphic arrangements with tiles
  6. Or try a section of 3D tiles
  7. Reclaimed timber or bare plaster walls
  8. Bespoke carved stone bath
  9. Neon glass shower cubicle
  10. Industrial-style basins and bulkhead light fittings
  11. Coloured grouting against a minimal setting
  12. Terrazzo cladding
  13. Wall-to-wall marble
  14. Combine textures of wood, metal and ceramic
  15. Architectural skylights
  16. Ultra-large format tiles
  17. Private indoor garden oasis
  18. 3D slatted wall

Whatever your design specification, London-based Farringdon Plumbers will help bring it to life.

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