Considering a wet room project in 2021?

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Apart from dragging a dated house well and truly into the 21st century with a stylish contemporary look, there are a number of other benefits of having a wet room. 
Firstly, a well-designed wet room could add value to your property as having a wet room as a second bathroom is a feature which buyers are increasingly looking for. A small bathroom is ideal for a wet room as it creates more space and is easier to install and maintain. Wet rooms are also more practical for elderly people or those with disabilities as they are all on one level.
Building a wet room from scratch in your house allows you to go right back to the basics and design your space from scratch, giving you choice over everything from the layout to the tile finish. If you have a very cramped bathroom, taking the bath out completely and turning it into a wet room without a shower cubicle can make the room feel a lot bigger too.
There is no getting away from the fact that having a wet room built at home is a major project and not something which can be done in a couple of days. The entire room will have to be “tanked” which involves putting a plastic or rubber waterproof membrane sheet or a waterproof liquid compound on all of the walls before tiling. Your plumber will also have to adjust the floor so that it slopes very slightly in the direction of the drainage point.
Most wet rooms are also built with underfloor heating, and this is a great option as it does away with the need for a bulky, unattractive radiator hanging on the wall and also helps dry up any water which might accumulate on the floor.
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