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New Boiler? Is it time

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It’s absolutely essential to have a super-efficient heating system. Not only does it heat the water piped round the building to heat all the radiators. It also heats water for washing and bathing. So its a complete nightmare when a boiler breaks down.

Boilers have an average age span of around 10-15 years. If you have an old gas or oil boiler, replacing it with an A-rated condensing new boiler could save you up to £300 per year in energy bills. But which boiler brand is best and what size is right for your property? 

Having over 20 year’s experience, Farringdon’s can work out what type and size of new boiler you need to be able to heat your property efficiently. It’s likely that your old boiler isn’t as energy efficient as it could be so once it has been replaced your energy rating will automatically improve.

A new boiler will:
– Cut your heating bills- Reduce the no of repairs needed- Give you maximum comfort- Better for the environment- Increase your home’s value- Easier to control with thermostat gadgets- Quiet and space saving

Don’t forget. As your boiler gets older there is a greater risk of a gas leak or exposure to carbon monoxide. Remember that even new boilers should be maintained and serviced every year by a Gas Safe engineer. Just like a car, your annual inspection will make sure your boiler is working effectively, efficiently and safely. Farringdon Plumbing & Heating engineers in London are all Gas Safe registered.

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