Top home design trends for 2022

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We’ve delved into next year’s top home design trends and compiled a list of the next “big thing” in technology and styles.

– Sustainability: eco-friendly, natural construction materials such as brick and stone

– Recyclable materials: less use of plastic and more copper

– “Healthy”: home air purifiers and anti-bacterial tiles

– Multi-function: less single-use rooms and more multi-purpose furniture

– Bigger bathrooms: extra luxurious and 10-15% bigger

– Letting Nature In: outdoor entertaining spaces and increased window space

– Double Islands in the Kitchen: “A place for stay-at-home work, schooling, cooking and eating”

– Softer style: less hard edges and more curves

– WFH: Home offices will continue to be important as they become year-round spaces

At Farringdon Plumbing & Heating we’re aware that sustainability and green building practices are gaining visibility as people are becoming more environmentally conscious. The use of plastic and energy inefficient pumps are fortunately on the wane. We will continue to advise our customers of the best practices and materials available.

Your heating and plumbing are incredibly important to the lifeblood of your home or office, we will endeavour to make it 100% energy efficient.

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