What if your London property floods

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We’ve all been enjoying the heatwaves but what happens to your plumbing if a sudden thunderstorm or major water leak creates a flood that can severely affect your property?

All water damage needs to be dealt with quickly, even a small amount of flooding from leaking pipes can cause problems.

Farringdons has compiled an Action List so you can deal with a problem in the right way. As always its important to call in the experts and our experienced team can help you to assess the damage in a safe way.

Flooding Action List:

  • Turn off all the utilities: electricity and water definitely don’t mix! Also turn off your gas and water. If you smell gas contact us immediately or your Gas supplier.
  • Water can be contaminated so make sure you don’t drink anything and that you wash your hands and clothes in antibacterial disinfectants so you don’t catch an infection.
  • Call us immediately and take photos so we can see the damage.
  • Start ventilating the affected areas by opening windows, doors, etc.

If the water-logged areas were completely saturated with water it could have caused cracks and structural damage so you’ll be best to call in the experts like us so we can ensure the pipes have stopped leaking and that nothing else has been damaged in the process. We then recommend you contact your insurance company.

Farringdon Plumbing & Heating has over 20 years experience and are fully qualified gas engineers – we carry Gas Safe ID at all times.

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